(KK5) 淘金鎮一日遊

Ballarat Sovereign Hill Day Tour

淘金鎮疏芬山 + 金礦博物館 + 地下金礦之旅 + 坐馬車 + 巴拉瑞特市中心 + 基隆海灘

Ballarat Sovereign Hill + Underground Mining Adventure + Gold Museum + Horse-Drawn Carriage Ride + Gold Melting Demonstration + Ballarat City Central + Geelong Beach Waterfront

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KK5 一日遊行程:


  • 早上 (8:00 – 8:15) 墨爾本市中心的住宿直接接您 (郵區 3000)

  • 疏芬山 (淘金熱大體驗)

    • 探索地下金礦

    • 馬車瀏覧全鎮

    • 觀看融金表演

    • 體驗用選礦鍋淘金

    • 觀看糖果製作過程

    • 觀看紅衛兵火槍表演

  • 黃金博物館

  • Ballarat 巴拉瑞特市區

  • 基隆 Geelong 海灘

  • 上 (6 - 6:30) 回到墨爾本市中心

Tour Itinerary & Highlights:
  • Pickup from your hotel / apartment in Melbourne City at 8am.

  • Head towards Ballarat (North-West of Melbourne) via highway.

  • Ballarat Sovereign Hill -

    • Underground mine adventures

    • Horse-drawn carriage ride

    • Gold melting demonstrations

    • Gold panning experiences

    • Lollies and sweet making demonstrations

    • Musket firing demonstrations  

  • Gold Museum

  • Ballarat city centre

  • Geelong beach waterfront

  • Return to Melbourne City (6 - 6:30pm).


Ballarat City Centre 巴拉瑞特市區

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Ballarat is a city located about 110 km north-west of Melbourne City. It has a population of about 110,000 and is the third largest inland city in Victoria, Australia. 


It is a simple place that is rich in history. You will see some of those predominant mixtures of housing styles, for example, 19th-century villas, Victorian terraces, Federation homes and the Georgian red brick homes. 


This city attracted more than 2 million visitors a year.

Ballarat Sovereign Hill 巴拉瑞疏芬山

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Sovereign Hill is Ballarat’s biggest tourism drawcard and is consistently rated among one of the best open-air, outdoor museums in the world.


This outdoor museum not only display the story of Australia’s goldrush history, but also brings history to life.

Gold Museum 黃金博物館

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The Power of Gold. The Gold Museum extends Sovereign Hill's story of Ballarat - a majestic provincial city built on the wealth derived from the great Australian gold rushes of the 1850s.


This museum displays additional showpiece and information relating to the Goldrush era.


Discover the beauty and power of gold as you view an impressive and valuable collection of gold nuggets, alluvial deposits, priceless gold artefacts and gold coins.

Underground Mine Tour 地下金礦之旅

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You can visit the Gold Mine and board the mine tram to journey deep below Sovereign Hill for an exciting underground experience.

Gold Panning Experiences 用選礦鍋淘金

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淘金是一個簡單的過程, 鐵鍬和平底鍋都在河邊為您準備好了,您一定要去嘗試一下。

Gold panning is a form of traditional mining the extracts gold from a placer deposit using a pan. The process is one of simplest ways to extract gold, and is popular with most miners because of its low cost and relative simplicity.


Gold panning is a simple process. Shovels and pans are all ready for you to use along the stream. Let us go and give it a try.

Horse-Drawn Carriage 乘坐馬車

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We will be staying n this outdoor museum for about 4 hours. If you are tired of walking and need a rest, you can easily board the  unique horse-drawn carriage and take a relaxing comforty ride to tour around this historical town.


Gold Melting Demonstation 融金表演

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One of the demonstration not to be missed, 'The Gold Melting' demonstration.


Gold in its purest form, it is a bright, slightly reddish yellow, dense, soft, malleable, and ductile metal. Gold is the most malleable of all metals and has a melting point of about 1064 °C.


Come and take a look of the entire gold melting process.

Confectionery Factory 糖果製作過程

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Traditional confectionery goes back to ancient times and continued to be eaten through the Middle Ages into the modern era. 


The local confectioner will demonstrate the process of making simple and delicious lollies. You can also purchase some of those colourful lollies in the candy shop.

Musket Firing 紅衛兵火槍表演

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火槍是裝有槍口的長槍,在16世紀初期曾被用作武器,並能夠穿透重型裝甲。當步槍於1835 年普及之後,火槍就退役了。



A musket is a muzzle-loaded long gun that is used as a weapon in the early 16th century and is capable of penetrating heavy armor. Rifles became common since 1835, resulting the retirement of muskets.


Come and take a look at this unique musket firing performances.

Geelong Beach Waterfront 基隆海灘

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Geelong, the 2nd most populous urban city in Victoria, Australia. Geelong Eastern Beach Waterfront is a popular swimming and recreation area in Geelong. 


This beach is backed by the grassy slopes of Eastern Beach Reserve and has a 200m long, circular swimming enclosure toward its eastern end.


You will also be amazed by the weird and wonderful statues that line the paths around the area.

票價收費 (KK5):

成人 (16+) >>> $150 澳元

兒童 (4 - 15) >>> $120 澳元

幼兒 (4 歲以下) >>> $100 澳元

  • 幼兒和兒童會有自己的汽車安全座位或普通座位。汽車安全座椅將提供給半歲到 6歲的幼兒。

  • 團費内已包含: 國家公園入場費, 景點門票, 高速公路收費, 消費税和油費。

Fares for KK5:

Adult (16+) >>> A$150

Toddler (4 & below) >>> A$100

Child (4-15) >>> A$120

  • Infant, toddler and child has their own seats. Safety car seats will also be provided for a child who is under 6 years old.

  • All fares include parks entrance fee, places-of-interest entrance fee, freeway toll charges, GST and petrol cost.


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