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Prices & Booking


請填寫您的名字, 聯絡電子郵件 (email), 行程選擇 (KK1, KK1W, KK2, KK3, KK4, KK5, KK6 KK-MPT 私人包車), 出發人數和日期, 我們會盡快與您聯絡。以下是我們的收費:

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成人(16歲+) / 兒童(4-15歲) / 幼兒(4歲以下)


>> +61-411 376 268 (澳洲境外)

>> 0411 376 268 (澳洲境內)

電子郵件 (Email):



>> (+61) 4 1137 6268


Your details were sent successfully!


1) 概要


我們會盡力提供最好的服務,但對於人力無法掌控的疾病、受傷、損失、延遲,《看看墨爾本旅遊團》 將不負任何責任。我們建議您購買旅遊平安保險。

《看看墨爾本旅遊團》 保留修改行程、路徑、和出發日期的權力,若遇到無法預知的情况,我們也可能取消出團。


2) 預約登記




  • 網上填寫報名表格 (請填寫您的名字, 聯絡電子郵件 (email) 和行程選擇 (KK1, KK2, KK3, KK4, KK5, KK6 或 KK-MPT 私人包車) 以及出發的日期)。

  • 我們的電子郵件是:

  • 上班時間直接撥打 0411 376 268 (澳洲境內) 或 +61-411 376 268 (澳洲境外) (GMT + 11:00)。


我們會在 24 小時内回覆您。


3) 訂金


每位旅客每趟行程需先付澳幣50元訂金以確保您的座位。我們接受 PayPal (Send Money To: 或銀行轉帳 (請付到 ANZ 銀行, BSB: 013 328, 帳號: 2885 13939, 請註明您的名字) 。

支票付款, 請註明 "KK Melbourne Tours"。


未付訂金前,您的位子將為您保留二天; 二天之後您的位子將讓給下一位詢問的客人。 如果您的旅遊日期和行程已確定,請在收到我們回覆二天内支付訂金確保座位,以免向隅。




4) 取消預訂


如果您無法參加預訂好的行程,請儘早通知我們。出發日期一個月前取消訂位,訂金退一半; 出發日期一個月内取消訂位或當天未出現,訂金將無法退還。


5) 孩童規定


我們所有行程皆歡迎 6 個月到 12 歲的孩童參加。孩童價低於成人價澳幣10元。每個孩童都有一個獨立的座位,我們會提供安全座椅给 6 個月到 6 歲的孩童。



Terms & Conditions


1) General


Although every effort is made, KK Melbourne Tours shall not be liable for any illness, injury, damages, loss, delay or failure to join the tour that may occur due to factors beyond our control. We highly recommend all passenger have travel insurance coverage. KK Melbourne Tours retains the right to alter routes, itineraries, days of operation or even cancel tours if unforeseen circumstances occur.


2) Booking and Registration


Booking with us is extremely easy and convenient by either:


  • sending an email to or contact us through our booking website or

  • call our office at 0411 376 268 (In Australia) or +61-4-1137 6268 (Outside Australia) between 9am to 6pm daily (GMT + 11:00).


We will reply within 24 hours upon receiving your email.


3) Deposit


A deposit of A$50/=is required for each customer at each booking. We accept PayPal (Send Money To: or bank transfer (Payable To: ANZ Bank, BSB: 013 328, Account Number: 2885 13939 and type in your name), for your deposit. For Cheque deposit, please pay to 'KK Melbourne Tours'. 


Your seats will be reserved for 2 days upon enquiry. Your seats will only be confirmed once we receive your deposit, otherwise your reservation will be void and we will cater to other customers.


Please contact us if you have any queries.


4) Cancellation


If you are not able to take part in a tour on the date you have booked, you should contact us as far prior to this date as possible.


Any cancellation will result in forfeiture of 50% of your deposit. Cancellation 30 days or less prior to departure date or no-show will result in forfeiture of your deposit.


5) Child Policy


Children are permitted on all of our tours. Children fare rates are available on all our day tours. Children between the ages of 0.5 - 12 years are eligible for A$10.00 off the adult price fares. Children have their own seats. Safety car seats will be provided for children between the age of 0.5 and 6 years old. Due to regulations, only a maximum of 2 baby safety car seats are permitted on the vehicle.

--- 感謝您到訪 <看看墨爾本旅遊> Thank you for visiting KK Melbourne Chinese Day Tours ---

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