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(KK4) 墨爾本雪山一日遊

Melbourne Mt Buller Day Tour

冬季限定 - Mansfield + Mt Buller 雪山

Only in Winter (June - August)

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  • 早上 (7 - 7:15) 墨爾本市中心的住宿直接接您 (郵區3000)

  • Mansfield 小鎮, 上雪山前短暫停留和吃午餐的小鎮

  • 在 Mansfield 的咖啡店享用早茶

  • Mt Buller 雪山, 一整個下午的時間讓您享受雪山的美麗風景

  • 堆雪人、玩滑雪板、打雪仗,或只單單放鬆心情、感受澳洲冬天下雪的美好氣氛

  • 晚上 (7:30 - 8:00) 回到墨爾本市中心

Tour Itinerary & Highlights:


  • Pickup from your hotel / apartment in Melbourne City (7-7:15am).

  • Short break at Mansfield - A Beautiful Little Town

  • Morning tea at Mansfield Bakery (own expenses)

  • Mt Buller - Snow Mountains

  • make snowman, throw snow balls around or slide with toboggans

  • walk around the village and take some scenic photos

  • Return to Melbourne City around (7:30 - 8)pm.


Mansfield 小鎮

Mansfield 是澳洲阿爾卑斯山下的一個小鎮,在墨爾本東北部大約180公里處。


這個小鎮以前靠農業和伐木维生,但如今是個觀光中心,支持著滑雪聖地Mt Buller。

Mansfield, a small town in the foothills of the Victorian Alps. It is approximately 180km north-east of Melbourne. 


Mansfield was formerly heavily dependent on farming and logging, but is now a tourist centre. It is a supporting town for the large Australia ski resort Mount Buller.


Let us take a short break here.

Mansfield 麵包店

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Mansfield 麵包店在Mansfield的主要街道上,店裡賣著這個地區最好的肉派和麵包,很多遊客在上雪山前會在這裡買個肉派再上山。


Ned Kelly Pie是普通肉派上鋪有蛋和培根,簡單但美味好吃,深受本地人的喜愛,您一定要親自來嚐嚐!

The Ned Kelly Pie is popular among the locals, which is basically a meat pie topped with egg and bacon. Yummy!


Many visitors will grab a pie, before heading up to Mt Buller. Come and taste it yourself.

Reaching Mt Buller Village 雪山中心

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一到達Mt Buller,我们就會直接前往雪山中心Village簡單的介紹附近的環境。



Once we reached Mt Buller, we will head straight to the village for a brief introduction of its surroundings.


There are a few cafes, restaurants and shops in this village where you can a light snack and relax.

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Sliding on Mt Buller 雪山玩滑雪板

You will have a chance to slide on Mt Buller (toboggan field) using the toboggans.


Having great fun and a memorable experience on Mt Buller.




Photographing and Sightseeing 拍照和觀光

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Beside sliding with toboggan, you will have some time to walk around the village, enjoy the surroundings and its amenities, and take some scenic pictures.

票價收費 (KK4):

成人 (16+) >>> $140 澳元

兒童 (4-15) >>> $130 澳元

幼兒 (<4) >>> $120 澳元

  • 團費内已包含: 國家公園入場費, 景點門票, 高速公路收費, 消費税和油費。

  • 我們會提供滑雪板。

  • 幼兒和兒童會有自己的汽車安全座位或普通座位。汽車安全座椅將提供給半歲到 6歲的幼兒。

Fares for KK4:

Adult (16+) >>> A$140

Child (4-15) >>> A$130

Toddler (<4) >>> A$120

  • All fares include parks entrance fee, places-of-interest entrance fee, freeway toll charges, GST and petrol cost.

  • Toboggans (sliding boards) will be provided by us.

  • Infant, toddler and child has their own seats. Safety car seats will also be provided for a child who is under 6 years old.


( 成人 / 兒童 )

租用滑雪板 >>> 每人$20 澳元

Optional Activities & Cost:

Adult / Child

Toboggan Hiring >>> A$20 Per Person




What you need to bring:

waterproof jacket, pant and shoes

gloves and beanie


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