(KK3) 亞拉河谷酒莊一日

Yarra Valley Wineries Day Tour

百年酒莊 + 彩色小屋 + 蘋果和葡萄園 + 巧克力和冰淇淋工廠 + 聖基爾達碼頭

Colourful Bathing Houses + Apple & Grape Farm + Domaine Chandon + Chocolaterie & Ice Creamery + St Kilda Pier

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  • 早上 (7:45 - 8am) 墨爾本市中心的住宿直接接您 (郵區 3000)

  • 造訪亞拉河谷數個世界知名的酒莊、果園和本區最值得造訪的景點。就讓我們帶著您一整天輕鬆愉快的享受美食、美酒和如詩如畫的美景吧!

  • 亞拉河谷巧克力工廠和冰淇淋店 Yarra Valley Chocolaterie & Ice Creamery

  • 百年酒莊 Yering Station

  • 拿破崙蘋果酒莊 Napoleone Brewery & Ciderhouse

  • 蘋果和葡萄園 Apple & Grape Farm

  • 香檳酒莊 Domaine Chandon

  • 864 橡樹嶺酒莊 Oakridge 864

  • 臨近郊區午餐

  • 彩色小屋 Colourful Bathing Houses

  • 聖基爾達碼頭 St. Kilda Pier 

  • 聖基爾達海灘 St. Kilda Beach 

  • 傍晚 (5:30 - 6:00) 回到墨爾本市中心 。

Tour Itinerary & Highlights:


  • Pickup from your hotel / apartment in Melbourne (7:45 - 8am).

  • We’ll have a great day out to some of the well-known wineries and best places/farms around the Yarra Valley region and visiting the St. Kilda Pier and beach.

  • Begin your day with this amazing Yarra Valley Chocolaterie & Ice Creamery.

  • Visit one of the oldest winery in the region (180 years old), Yering Station.

  • Understand how the process of making the apple and pear cider at Napoleone Brewery & Ciderhouse.

  • Taste one of the best apple and pear cider in the region.

  • Step into the apple and grape farm.

  • Discover how 250 years of Champagne history and Austrlian expertise goes into every bottle of Chandon sparkling at Domaine Chandon.

  • Wine tasting at an award winning and an internationally recognized brand, Oakridge 864.

  • Lunch and shopping at Healsville town centre.

  • Photo taking at one of the tourist icons of Melbourne, Brighton 82 Colourful Bathing Boxes.

  • Beach walking at the St. Kilda beach and its surrounding gardens.

  • Walk towards the end of the St. Kilda pier and see if you have any choice to spot the lonely little penguin.

  • Return to Melbourne City (5:30 - 6pm).


Yarra Valley Chocolateria & Ice-creamery 亞拉河谷巧克力和冰淇淋店

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Your day will begin with this awesome chocolaterie and ice-creamery where you can taste various high quality products.


You will be amazed by those lovely well-designed chocolates that filled up the entire shop. There are at least 250 different varieties of chocolates on the shelves for you to pick.

Yering Station 百年酒莊

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Victoria’s first vineyard was planted at Yering Station more than 180 years ago. It is also the oldest wine company recorded in the Wine Industry Statistics in Victoria.


At one time, the Yering Station vineyard was one of the largest in the area and as visitors and holiday makers to the Yarra Valley began to sky rocketed, wines from this region began to make their mark on the world.

Napoleone Brewery & Ciderhouse 拿破崙啤酒廠和蘋果酒屋

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1900 年代起,亞拉河谷就是澳洲蘋果酒的主要產地。拿破崙酒廠從 2008 年開始製造蘋果和梨子酒。





The Yarra Valley has been the Australian home of cider since 1900’s.


The Napoleone family has been crafting apple and pear ciders since 2008. From its modest beginnings, this family business has grown to become one of the largest producers and wholesalers of apples and stone fruits in Australia. 


At the Ciderhouse, you can enjoy tasting paddles, pots and pints of freshly crafted cider.

Apple and Grape Farm 蘋果和葡萄園

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1900 年代起,亞拉河谷就是澳洲蘋果酒的主要產地。


拿破崙酒廠從 2008 年開始製造蘋果和梨子酒。原本只是一個家族企業,現在已經發展成澳洲最大的蘋果酒和各種核果酒的生產商和批發商之一。



The Napoleone family, one of the largest producers and wholesalers of apples and stone fruits in Australia. 


During summer and autumn, you will be able to see a huge plantation full of grapes and apples while driving along the main road in this region. 


We will take this chance to take a close up view of these plantations.

Domaine Chandon 道門香檳酒莊

Yarra Valley Winery Chinese Cantonese Day Tour

1985年,法國酩悦香檳酒莊(Champagne House Moet & Chandon)看到了在澳洲生產頂級氣泡酒的大好良機,於是在這裡投資成立了這座酒莊。2008 年《Domaine Chandon》葡萄酒獲得了消費大眾和品酒專業人士的一致好評。


法國人悠閒而典雅的天性在Domaine Chandon 流露無遺。從酒窖的大片玻璃窗往窗外看去,山丘上一大片整齊美麗的葡萄園和池塘的美景,讓人心曠神怡。

Domaine Chandon was established in 1985 by French Company 《Champagne House Moet & Chandon》as it saw the opportunity to produce a premium quality sparkling wine in Australia.


In 2008, the launch of still wines under the ‘Domaine Chandon’ label resulted in widespread acclaim from consumers and wine professionals. The leisurely and elegant nature of French people is revealed in Domaine Chandon. Looking out from the large glass windows of the wine cellar, the beaty of the vineyards and pond on the hills makes you feel relaxed and happy.

Oakridge 864 橡樹嶺酒莊

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橡樹嶺在 2012 年同時被《世紀報》和《雪梨先鋒報》選為年度最佳酒莊

Oakridge has been making wine in the Yarra Valley since 1978. The wine maker team uses traditional methods and local knowledge to bring out the best of every season. 


The team has since collected more than 20 trophies and numerous medals at

various local, national and international wine shows. 


Oakridge is also named Winery of the Year in 2012 by The Age & Sydney Morning Herald.

Colourful Bathing Houses 彩色小屋

Melbourne Colourful House Melbourne




For many years in the late 19th century, Brighton was Melbourne's favourite seaside destination. 


The colourful bathing houses are unique because of their uniform scale and proportion, building material, orderly alignment and planning guidelines. 


There are the only remaining structures of their kind close to the Melbourne City.

St. Kilda Pier 聖基爾達碼頭

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St. Kilda pier is one of the landmarks in St. Kilda. The pier has a long breakwater, which shelters St Kilda Harbour and hosts some of the little penguin colony.


The best viewing time and location of the little penguins is 30 minutes after sunset and at the end of the pier, where you can see them standing on the rocks or on top of the breakwater.

St. Kilda Beach 聖基爾達海灘

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St Kilda beach, Melbourne most famous sandy beach, is about 700 metres long. The beach water quality is generally rated as good by the government agency.


Many people come here to swim, jog, sunbath and also engage in other water sport activities, such as windsurfing, sailing, kite surfing, jet skiing and water skiiing.

票價收費 (KK3):

成人 (16+) >>> $110 澳元

兒童 (4 - 15) >>> $100 澳元

幼兒 (4 歲以下) >>> $100 澳元

  • 團費内已包含: 國家公園入場費, 景點門票, 高速公路收費, 消費税和油費。

  • 幼兒和兒童會有自己的汽車安全座位或普通座位。汽車安全座椅將提供給半歲到 6歲的幼兒。

Fares for KK3:

Adult (16+) >>> A$110

Toddler (4 & below) >>> A$100

Child (4-15) >>> A$100

  • All fares include parks entrance fee, places-of-interest entrance fee, freeway toll charges, GST and petrol cost.

  • Infant, toddler and child has their own seats. Safety car seats will also be provided for a child who is under 6 years old.



酒莊品酒 >>> $5 - $10 澳元

Optional Activities & Cost:


Wine Tasting >>> A$5 - $10


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